Fax sent on February 13, 1998

Sender: Jim Clark

 The Black Bear Micro Roastery Company

Recipient: Polly Kim Close
 Starbucks Corporation



Dear Polly,

            A considerable amount of time has passed since Steve Konowitz of Konowitz & Greenberg, our legal council, responded to you.  Since we have had no response from Starbucks during the interim, our offer to rename CHARBUCKS BLEND is no longer feasible, and we consider this matter closed.  I have instructed Steven Konowitz to do no further work regarding this matter.  Any future correspondence should be made directly to The Black Bear Micro Roastery.  As I indicated on lines 144 and 145 of my 8/21/97 correspondence, properly complying with your wishes would incur initial legal fees.  Fortunately, Steve Konowitz's involvement was limited, since there was no further response from Starbucks, but we have been billed $1,353 for the work that he did do in regard to this matter.  I would hope that Starbucks would feel obligated to reimburse us for the aforementioned amount, since we proceeded in good faith, and with full intentions of cooperating with Starbucks.

            Would you please acknowledge receipt of this fax as soon as possible, or by 2/20/98 so that this matter can be officially brought to closure.



Jim Clark